Cheaper Naked Eye-Shadow Palette 

You don’t need to spend $50 for the beautiful eye-shadow palette of Naked cosmetics. There are websites that sell you the Naked palette much cheaper, but most of the time the colors aren’t rich and the website is a scam. However, I’ve found an eye-shadow palette that offers the same richness in color and texture as the Naked palette and for only $16 on Amazon. The make-up company is called Coastal Scents and below I have shown how eye-popping their “Revealed” eye-shadow is. I chose a day-look with very earthy tones. I’m sure you could have fun with different looks with this palette, since it offers a lot of colors.

First I started with just blush and eyebrow contouring:

Then, I took my first shade of color as a base:

Then, I added two darker shades together for the crease or fold of my eyelid:

And finally, I added a very dark shadow to my outer lid/crease:

I added eyeliner and my favorite lengthening mascara, Benefit Roller Lash and voila! My finished look:



4 thoughts on “Cheaper Naked Eye-Shadow Palette 

  1. The company is Coastal Scents the palette is called Revealed. They also have a Revealed 2 & 3 now. They say on youtube these are the best dupes for the Urban Decay palettes. I really like your eye look. Very pretty! I definitely have to order this palette and the number 2 version. That’s the dupe for Naked 2 and 3.

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  2. Hi Sweetie, I received the Leibster Award in my next to last post. I nomiated you for it next. I hope you will answer out the questions and keep the award movijg forward to other new bloggers. Congrats! I hope you have as much fun as I did filling out the award. It’s an award in the form of a tag. All the instructions are on the award. Good luck! Best wihes. Cynthia


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