Is There a Better Way to Clear Skin than Accutane?

For me, clear skin was never easy. The summer after my freshman year of college was when my skin awoke with a vengeance. Painful, oily, cystic acne covered my entire face. Whenever I washed my face off of all the make-up, I looked like a raw tomato. It was embarrassing, upsetting, and my self-confidence was beginning to shatter. I had tried all the topicals, ate right, and tried working out. Nothing was working. And if anything, my skin was only getting worse. I refused to take any photos of myself without make-up, so unfortunately you can’t see a before photo. I caved and took Accutane for 5 months. My skin went through a period where it got worse, and so did my mood. I locked myself up in my room for as long as I could. Whenever I had to go out, I’d put on pounds and pounds of make-up to hide the raw, inflamed, and flaky skin on my face. I was always on edge, my anxiety and depression increased, and I worried about anything to do with my body. After the course of Accutane, my skin was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I could see myself getting through the finish line. However, I immediately found out after the course that I had multiple fungal infections, which is not uncommon for users of Accutane. I was constantly getting sick, my anxiety was only getting worse and worse until I started developing strange neuropathies in my hands and feet. I don’t know if Accutane caused all of these symptoms, but I do know I was a 100% healthy individual before Accutane and turned into an anxious, depressed, neuropathic nut case after.

I have heard friends who have taken Accutane and had no problems with it. I have also heard of friends who had a similar, if not worse experiences than I did. I have learned that lowering your stress, eating right, patience, and finding the right topical soap for your skin is one sure way of clearing it up. I have found a combination of topicals/masks that are wonderful for my skin. Yes, I still get flare-ups, especially around my mouth. But, these products help clear it up:


This stuff is GREAT for cystic, oily skin. It does take time though. It took about 4-5 months to get fully clear skin. Here are some before’s and after’s”


Here are some of the other products I use:


The green stuff is the magnesium face mask from Lush soap and cosmetics. It smells great and is perfect for really dry skin, which I tend to get after Accutane. The Redmond clay is wonderful for oily skin, which I still have my bouts of along with some cystic acne.

Taking all of these products has ensured me clear, healthy skin. Perhaps having taken Accutane has helped my skin respond better, but I’ve had stubborn cystic acne come back and all of these products cleared it up within months.

Hope my advice and testimony helps you in your decision towards healthy skin 🙂


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